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metapotter's Journal

Harry Potter Meta Hub
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This is a community for discussion of any Harry Potter-related meta topics you feel like bringing up. Meta meaning discussion of the larger themes, the archetypal meanings, the subtext and the context and the implications of canon and fanfic and one versus the other and so on.

It's probably going to be heavily leaning towards discussion of fanfic and slash-related subjects, as well as theorizing about Draco Malfoy, just because those seem the closest to the heart of the community founder.

Community isn't meant to be exclusive, or intimidating, or overly dry or intellectual. Just feel free to ramble about anything you think about the larger issues you see cropping up throughout the fandom, or the fanfic therein, or indeed your interpretation of canon. No respect towards any one idea or author necessary, though general politeness expected.

No "larger issue" too minor. No subject too nit-picky. Anything goes, but especially if it's analytical or thought-provoking. Discussion is hoped for. Rambling is expected (largely, again, from the founder).

There may at times be discussions of meta-fandom issues. All in all, any and all meta is theoretically welcome.

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    NOTE: This community is now moderated. I want to preserve a certain level of control over the tone of the place, even though the guidelines are very loose, and I don't want to make stricter rules. Most likely I will not mod anyone, and I definitely won't censor anyone.

Have fun!